Remodeling projects encompass the simple to the complex; new paint to a new expansion. 

We have developed a resource driven design process to approach each of our remodeling projects.  It is a unique method that does not approach a single project from a cost standpoint alone.  Instead, we look into every aspect of the project before making decisions and include things like:

  • energy audits
  • indoor air quality
  • the durability of materials
  • future proofing
  • return on investment
  • the quality of living during the remodeling process

Using this information, we find the right combination of products to make your remodel project last twice as long and ensure you have less ownership costs in the future (i.e. lower utility bills).

If you’re thinking about a remodeling project give us a call.  We'll visit you onsite to share ideas and collect the information necessary to present you with an accurate written estimate.

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